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Minjiang Village Courier Center

A sensuous stroke of Sapphire Blue,

Hidden within the Red Concrete Cube.


— By Lu Yun, Founder and Lead Architect of MUDA-Architects

Starting from the aim of revitalizing rural cultural construction, the design abstracts the form of traditional Sichuan veranda and reinterprets it with contemporary aesthetics. It is defined as an iconic building and a multi-functional communal space to explore flexibility and diversification of architectural space combination.

MUDA-Architects sets the scales and dimensions on the site according to the design brief. Core area is then moved to one side of the block so that the double-height semi-enclosed space could be generated with the inspiration from traditional Sichuan veranda. It meets the interior light demands, highlights local characteristics, and deals with the context of the site effectively.

Project Name: Minjiang Village Courier Center
Project Location: Chengdu, Sichuan,Minjiang Village
Floor Area: 313㎡
Project type: Architectural Design
Project Time: 2020.10-2022.03
Client: Minjiang Village joint-stock Economic Cooperation Association 
Principal Architect: Lu Yu
Design Team: Li Aidong, Xu Jiandan, He Fan, Wei Ke, Li Hao, Lu Chenyu, Rong Dian, Zhan Ziqi 
Construction document company: Chengdu Yuzhan Architectural Design Co., Ltd
Building construction design team: Yu Fan, Zhang Yuanyuan
Structural design consultant: Yuki.Law
Photography: Arch-Exist,LU Yun


First Floor Plan

Second Floor Plan

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