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——Brings Forward a Different Perspective of Nature

In April 2021, Southwest Independent Architects Group Exhibition was held officially in Luxelakes, Chengdu by A8 Design Center. 31 independent architects set up individual experimental art installations around the lake. With unique perspectives and novel design concepts, they bring a fresh and diverse lakeside experience to the public. Participating in this exhibition, MUDA-Architects uses a concise yet unique form to present an immersive and interactive experience. The installation expands people’s thinking on design, nature, and life.

▼ Concept ©Qiming Sun

Design Concept

As the 31st stand of the exhibition, the site is located at the wharf adjacent to the Cloud Paradise. It is not only the end of the planned tour but also the beginning of a revisit sequence. The site is a hydrophilic platform that extended to the water. When people step into the scene, the shimmering lake, the lush vegetation, and the spring breeze echo with each other. 

From the initial design, MUDA-Architects strives for the interestingness, interactivity, and meaningfulness of this installation. Designers use the place, space, atmosphere, and texture as mediums to trigger interaction, and hope to build an architectural installation that can gradually and multi-dimensionally interact with the public.

The SCOOOPE is presented in a white geometric form that is 4.5 meters long and 2 meters wide. The reflection in the mirror presents the scene from a distance. Moreover, coordinated with a crimson internal interface and gentle lighting effect of ripples, the room seems to be built in the center of the lake. 

The image in the mirror has a distinctive perspective. By matching with the reflected image from a distance, the installation realizes an ingenious conversion of virtual and real scenes, which is different from ordinary visual perceptions. It not only increases the possibility of people’s interaction but also acts as a quiet and poetic shrine for individuals.

The installation is built upon a wooden structure platform, which is filled with sand and gravel to keep it stable without damaging the original site. Then, the main structure is constructed with a light steel frame and covered with wooden plates. Two mirrors are installed in the end to form the basic geometry shape and neat character of the interface.

The interior space was covered by crimson, creating a hard sense and mysterious atmosphere. The façade is decorated with recycled bubble films to soften the texture of the exterior through its unique characteristics, making a sharp contrast with the solid texture of the internal space.

On one hand, by extruding these bubble films, visitors could interact with the device and release pressure. An easy and interesting way of decompressing is extracted from life, the whole device becomes a decompressor. On the other hand, this also triggers people’s review and reflection on the current lifestyle of excessive reliance on plastic products, and extreme consumption of packing materials in the online shopping era. MUDA-Architects aims to evoke public awareness of environmental sustainability.

Project Information

Project Name: SCOOOPE
Project Location: Chengdu, Sichuan
Project Type: Architecture Installation
Architectual Area: 9 SQM
Project Time: 2021.02-2021.04
Principal Architect: Lu Yun
Design Team: Li Aidong, Xu Jiandan, Wei Ke, Cheng Runhao, He Fan, Li Hao, Zhan Ziqi, Cheng Shiyun, Liu Bin, Lu Chenyu, Liao Haoyu, Rong Dian, Han Rong, Fu Yao
Exhibition Producer: A8 Design Center
Producer: Liang Rui
Curator: Na Na; Deng Qiao
Construction Team: Chufeng Architectural Decorating & Design company Co., LTD
Architectural Photographs: Arch-Exist, MUDA

成都慕达建筑事务所设计的潜望装置_SCOOOPE designed by Chengdu MUDA architecture firm
成都慕达建筑事务所设计的潜望装置_SCOOOPE designed by Chengdu MUDA architecture firm成都慕达建筑事务所设计的潜望装置_SCOOOPE designed by Chengdu MUDA architecture firm
潜望装置的设计原理_Design principle of the SCOOOPE成都慕达建筑事务所设计的潜望装置_SCOOOPE designed by Chengdu MUDA architecture firm
成都慕达建筑事务所设计的潜望装置_SCOOOPE designed by Chengdu MUDA architecture firm
潜望装置的立面图与剖面图_Elevation and section of the SCOOOPE
潜望装置的轴测图_Axonometric view of the SCOOOPE

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