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Ethiopian Prime Minister and Delegation Visit Xinglong Lake CITIC Bookstore

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, accompanied by a delegation, visited China from October 15 to 21, 2023, as part of his participation in the third 'One Belt One Road' International Cooperation Summit Forum held in Beijing. The delegation, consisting of key officials including the Minister of Finance, Minister of Cabinet Affairs, Minister of Mines and Petroleum, and Minister of Government News, engaged in a formal visit to Chengdu.


On October 20, Prime Minister Abiy focused on exploring various distinctive areas of Chengdu, including the Xinglong Lake in the Tianfu New District, the Chengdu Research Base of Panda Breeding, and the Tianfu Agricultural Expo Park. At Xinglong Lake, Prime Minister Abiy and the delegation visited the Xinglong Lake CITIC Bookstore, renowned as the "most beautiful bookstore in Chengdu."

During the visit, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali expressed deep admiration for the design and ambiance of the bookstore. In this unique architectural space, he emphasized the significance of culture and art, conveying positive signals for deepening cooperation between the two countries.

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The Xinglong Lake CITIC Bookstore, designed by MUDA-Architects, played a crucial role as an important stop for hosting foreign delegations by Sichuan Province, providing an excellent platform for the delegation to understand Chengdu. As a part of the city, the architecture vividly presents the construction and development of Chengdu, serving as a vital vessel that connects the past and the future, culture and nature, innovation and tradition. MUDA-Architects is honored to contribute to the One Belt One Road Initiative and is keenly aware of the responsibility it bears. The firm is committed to continuous innovation, striving to design more outstanding architectural works.

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