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MUDA won the 2023AD100 Most Influential Architects and Interior Designers

Since 2013, Architectural Digest (AD) has been unveiling its prestigious AD100 list biennially, spotlighting 100 exemplary architects and design firms within the Chinese architectural and interior design landscape. Following MUDA-Architects' recognition with the "AD100 YOUNG"  Most Talented Architects and Interior Designers in China, we have once again shortlisted on the 2023 AD100 list, representing the pinnacle of influence in China's architectural and interior design elite.

MUDA's architectural accomplishments have been prominently featured in the AD100 compilation issue for 2023, underscoring the firm's noteworthy contributions to the industry. MUDA-Architects expresses profound gratitude for the repeated acknowledgment and extends sincere thanks to the international judging panel for their discerning recognition of MUDA's design philosophy and project presentations.

In a commitment to advancing the documentation, narrative, and dissemination of the Chinese architecture and interior design sector, MUDA-Architects pledges ongoing support to Architectural Digest China. Looking ahead to future design endeavors, we remains dedicated to the pursuit of excellence, aiming to craft distinguished and representative works that showcase China's dynamic design potential and promising future in the field.


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