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Bar Lotus Aranya

✜ Project Brief

Bar Lotus Aranya is located on the golden coast of Qinhuangdao's Anaya neighborhood, adjacent to the Bohai Sea, and echoes other community cultural buildings on the coast. The discrepancy between urban development and the landscape, a contradiction revealed by recent urbanization makes us re-examine on human construction activities and be wary of over-design in nature.

With nature being the new stage of modern life, the Aranya Community represents people's vision of a high-quality lifestyle. Therefore, under this longing, MUDA traces back to the origins of design. We strive for the harmony of architecture and nature by composing through sheer architectural language.

The architecture is 14 meters wide and 35 meters long, with a total floor area of 300 square meters. To integrate with the community concept of Aranya, it is designed to meet mixed-use scenarios. It serves as a restaurant and café during the day and a bar at night. Basic geometric forms that are most suitable for the functions are used to compose the floor plan and the shape of the building.

Glass curtain walls grant an unobstructed view of the ocean. When the weather is nice, the doors are open to the sea, breaking the space boundary. The wave, the breeze, the beach, and the crowd all come together at the bar. People connect with nature and each other in this artistic and cozy temperament of the place, making every moment counts.

✜ Project Information

Project Name: Bar Lotus Aranya
Project Location: Qinhuangdao, Hebei
Building Area: 300㎡
Project Type: Architectural Design/ Interior Design
Design Time: 2020.12-(Still in progress)
Client: Aranya & Bar Lotus
Principal Architect: Lu Yun
Design Team: Li Aidong, Lv Chenyu, He Fan, Xu Jiandan, Zhan Ziqi, Rong Dian, Li Hao, Wei Ke, Liu Bin, Cheng Shiyun, Liao Haoyu

02-Sea View-960.jpg01-Road View-960.jpg03-Entrance View-960.jpg04-People View-960.jpg05-People View-960.jpg06-People View-960.jpg07-Interior View-960.jpg08-Interior View-960.jpg11-MODEL-960.jpg

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