Ⅰ Phase Completed

Garden Hotpot Restaurant

At the end of 2018, MUDA received a renovation design commission in Sansheng Township, Chengdu. Sansheng Township is located in Chengdu suburb, known as 

"Chengdu green lung", with unique natural conditions and ecological resources. MUDA takes this opportunity to integrate hotpot culture with natural ecological 

environment, creating a restaurant that respects the original ecology and in line with modern consumption style. MUDA decides to eliminate the architectural scale, 

leaving out walls, only using pillars and boards to lightly hide the building in the woods, letting the building gently integrate with the site and delineating the shape

of lake in a light and peaceful way.

Project time: 2018.12

Project location: Chengdu, Sichuan    

Design team: Lu Yun,Xu Jiandan,Sun Qiming,He Yixiu,Chen Xue,Liu Xiaoqiao,Rong Dian,Zhou Shangyun