Architectural Design

Xinglong Lake CITIC Bookstore

To create an appealing waterfront space, the project starts with a 12m*40m rectangular plane foundation located on the east lake shore of Xinglong Lake Southwest 
Bay Area. Two ends of the roof ridge are vertically stretched from 3 meters to different heights where the southwest end is elevated to 16 meters and the northeast 
end stops at 7.5 meters. The curved roof surface is formed according to the height of four supporting corners as a flipped page, which reinterprets the pitched roof of 
traditional Sichuan folk dwellings. It also cooperates with the water ripples in order to extend the wavy feature to the architecture and blend in the natural environment. 

The design concept originates from the idea of "a book falling from the sky", and the shape of book is engaged with the architectural form to visualize the metaphor. 
Visitors are expected to step into the architectural space and get immersed into the tranquility to develop a positive self-talk and a journey of self-discovery.

Project Location: Chengdu, Sichuan
Area: 500㎡
Project Time: 2018-2020 
Completion Time: 08.2019
Client: China CITIC Urban Development & Operation
Design Team in Competition Phase: Lu Yun, Zhao Guojun, Ni Dan, Li Yue, Lin Jiayi, Liu Xiaoqiao, Li Rang, Liu Hanning
Design Team in Development Phase: Lu Yun, Xu Jiandan, Rong Dian, Lyu Chenyu, Ni Dan, Jia Shuran
Major Building Materials: Titanium zinc panel, Aluminum honeycomb panel finished with wood grain extrusion, Steel frame, 
                                     Aluminum square tubes finished with wood grain extrusion, Oak Veneered Plywood, Texture Paint
Architectural Photography by Arch-Exist
Hero Image & Inerior Photography by Here Space