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Jiaozi Avenue Stand-alone Store

 Project Brief

Based on the regional development plan, the project is expected to highlight the genius loci of Chengdu and fit into the commercial scenarios along the Jiaozi Avenue in Chengdu Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone. Conventional architectural cube is stretched in multiple dimensions to transform into a combination of void and solid spaces with a sculptural profile. The design of steel frame provides a semi-enclosed space in a way that expresses traditional Sichuan veranda as the local characteristics. It also offers an al-fresco commercial area and a contrast with the relative enclosed interior space in glass box.

 Project Information

Project Name: Jiaozi Avenue Stand-alone Store
Project Location: Chengdu, Sichuan
Floor Area: 300㎡
Project Type: Architectural Design
Project Time: 2020.08-(Still in progress)
Principal Architect: Lu Yun
Design Team:  He Fan, Li Aidong, Xu Jiandan, Wei Ke, Lyu Chenyu, Rong Dian, Zhan Ziqi, Liao Haoyu, Cheng Shiyun


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